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 Mercury Propellers

To order props see instructions at bottom.
Mercury Prop Wrenches see below.

Prop Selector

Mercury Propellers

Description Price Description Price
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  Alpha One P.S. 135-275 HP $150.00
High Five 135-300 HP
High Five Specs

$550.00 Vengeance 20-25 HP $199.00
Tempest Plus 135-300 HP $499.00 Vengeance 30-60 HP $265.00
Revolution 4 135-500 HP  $495.00 Vengeance 75-125 HP $325.00
Trophy Plus 75-300 HP $499.00 Vengeance 135-300 HP $375.00
    Black Max 2.5-3.3 HP $45.00
Laser II 75-125 HP
Laser Specs
$399.00 Black Max 4-5 /4-5-6 4S HP $59.00
Laser II 135-300 HP
Laser Specs
$419.00 Black Max 4-6 HP 4S $65.00
Mirage Plus 135-500 HP $499.00 Black Max 6-15/9.9-15 4S HP $85.00
Mirage Plus Solid Hub 400+ HP  $529.00 Black Max 6-15 HP (4-blade
Kicker Prop) maintains trolling speeds between .05 mph & 2 mph
Vensura (Offshore)
150-175HP Twin OB
$499.00 Black Max  9.9 -15 HP BF/20-25 HP $105.00
Maximus 5-Blade $999.00 Black Max  25 BF FS TS/FS 50-60 HP TS/FS 30-60 HP $129.00
Alpha 4
$179.00 Black Max 75-125 HP 40-50 BF FS/ 60 BF-75-115 TS/FS $129.00
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Black Max Alum
Mercury/Mar 135-250, 225 FS, MerCru Alpha/Bravo I

Mercury Prop Selector Chart

For Yamaha-Honda-OMC-J/E-Suzuki-Volvo-Tohatsu see hub kits below.

For More Mercury Prop Information

Shipping Cost

Mercury Propellers- Bravo One, Two, and Three

Bravo One $ 499.00 Bravo One-400HP+ $540.00
Bravo Two AL 3-Blade $399.00 Bravo Two SS 4-Blade $699.00
Bravo Two SS 3-Blade $629.00
Bravo Three $495.00 Bravo Three Cupped $520.00
Maximus 5 BL $999.00
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Call or Email for information on
Bravo One  Lab-Finished Props.

Bravo One Lab-Finished Propellers

Note: Lab-Finished Props are not returnable:

Pitch Left Hand Right Hand


22 48-831909L55 48-831910L55  
24 48-831911L55 48-831912L55  
26 48-831913L55 48-831914L55  
28 48-831915L55 48-831916L55  
30 48-831917L55 48-831918L55  
32 48-831919L55 48-831920L55  
34 48-831921L55 48-831922L55  
36 48-832123L65 48-832124L65  
5-Blade Maximus Lab Finished Race Prop
26 889964L65 889965L65 CALL
28 889966L65 889967L65 CALL
30 889968L65 889969L65 CALL
32 889970L65 889971L65 CALL
34 889972L65 889973L65 CALL
36 889974L65 889975L65 CALL
Shipping Cost

Prop Selector

To Order Call 1-866-868-7151 or Email

Mercury PVS Vent System:
Most acceleration problems can now be addressed using the Mercury PVS Vent System.
*Slow/sluggish acceleration to plane (engine unable to push solid water away quickly)
*over ventilation-the propeller breaks loose allowing the engine to over-rev before reaching plane. (there is too much air being drawn into the propeller blades)
propellers with PVS:

High Five, Laser II, Mirage Plus. Offshore, Revolution 4, Tempest Plus, Maximus, Bravo I, Bravo II, Bravo III and Trophy Plus.

Propeller Accessories

Part #





Yellow prop wrench: Merc 75-250 HP OB, Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC
Yamaha T50-250 HP OB, J/E V4, V8, V8 OB



Orange prop wrench: Mercury 30, 40, 50, 60 HP OB



Green prop wrench: Mercury 20, 25 HP J/E 9.9-30 HP



Purple prop wrench: Mercury 6, 8, 9.9, 15 HP


Ventilation Plugs

Fits Vented Mercury propellers A46 suffix & Higher
19-889725 Solid PVS plug (A46, A47, A48 P/N suffix) Superseded from 19-856622 (Packed 5 to package) $1.80ea.


Large (.470-12mm) (A46, A47, A48 P/N suffix) Superseded from 19-856622 47 (Packed 5 to package)



Medium (.350-9mm) (A46, A47, A48 P/N suffix) Superseded from 19-856622 35 (Packed 5 to package)


19-889725028 Small PVS plug (.280/7mm) (A46, A47, A48 P/N suffix) Superseded form 19-856622 28 (Packed 5 to package) $1.80ea.

A45 suffix and lower (Non-PVS


For Right Hand Rotation Laser II (old style A41,A45 P/N suffix)




For Left Hand Rotation Laser II (old style A41,A45 P/N suffix)



For Tempest Props with Large Vent Holes
(A40, A41, A45 P/N suffix)



For Large Hub Trophy Props (A41, A45 P/N suffix)



Propeller Seal Ring adapts small-hub Trophy plus to 
V-6  (4 3/4") gear case.


Flo-Torq II Hub Kits
Flo-Torg II Application Chart

835257Q 1

Mercury/Mariner 40-60 HP Bigfoot, 70-250 HP, Force 90-120, MerCruiser Alpha & Bravo One (under 400 HP)


835257Q 6

Tempest Plus, Trophy Plus, Revolution 4 (A46, A47 & A48 P/N suffix) & Bravo I (A45)


835274Q 1

Mercury F225 EFI FourStroke


835258Q 1   Flo-Torq II Solid Hub Kit Mercury
For use with Chopper, Cleaver & Bravo I (with MerCruiser logo) propellers - 3 13/16" long

835258Q 2

Flo-Torq II Solid Hub Kit Mercury For use with Mirage Plus & Bravo I propellers (Bravo One Sterndrive 400HP+, Pro Max 300 & 300 Offshore)



Flo-Torq II HD Solid Hub Kit For use with HD (Heavy Duty) 1 1/4" propshaft when installed on Racing Sport & Torque Master Gearcases and MerCruiser Bravo One XR & XZ Sterndrives


835277Q 1

Flo-Torq II Hub Kit Honda

Honda outboards (75-90 HP thru 1998)


835279Q 2

Honda outboards (75-90 HP 1999-present, 115-130 HP)


835278Q 1

Honda 225 HP 4-Stroke



Evinrude, Johnson outboards & OMC stern drive (V-6 & V-8 gearcase, 1991 & Newer including new 250 HP V-6 outboard and 2003 V-6 with Cresent gearcase)


835267Q 1

Evinrude/Johnson, OMC stern drives (V-6 & V-8 gearcase, 1984-1990)


835266Q 1


Evinrude & Johnson outboards (V-4 gearcase, 1968-present) Use only with Quicksilver Propellers (QS5136H, QS5138H, QS5140H, QS5142H, QS5144H propellers have a small diameter labyrinth seal)


835272Q 1

Yamaha outboards (50-100 HP, splined forward thrust washer)


835271Q 2


Yamaha outboards & stern drives (V-4 & V-6 gearcase, 1980-present), excluding the four stroke 225EFI


Propeller Locks



MerCruiser: Alpha One, Bravo, TRS, Outboard: Merc/Mar: 70 hp and larger, 3/4 x 16 Thread

67-851058   MerCruiser Bravo III and Blackhawk $64.55

To place an order use our order form and mail or fax your order to us, or purchase at our Online Store.
If you do not know what pitch prop you need or need help in choosing the right prop for your boat please call our Customer Service Dept. at 1-866-868-7151, fax your request to
315-735-2167 or
email us at: boatparts

Propeller Return Policy: BU will accept new propellers for return only for exchange, not for refund or credit. No returns accepted after 15 Days, No returns if propeller is damaged, No returns if not in the original undamaged box. Customer is responsible for return shipping both ways. If propeller has any sign of wear or damage BU reserves the right to not accept the return or may charge a restocking fee. Call BU customer service at 1-866-868-7151 for RMA #.


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To Order Call 1-866-868-7151
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